For as far back as I can remember I’ve always made, always used my hands. Whether it’s been in baking, sewing, needlework, making dolls houses …. there’s always been a need in me to ‘do’.

In 2011 I joined a group called the Undecided Art Collective. At the time I was making handbags and generally focused on improving my sewing skills. I was inspired by the artists I became friends with, they have had a big influence over me. Over the years I have further developed my skills, my studio has grown and my thirst for knowledge has also grown. I love finding a new artist or designer and seeing where they draw their inspiration from.

My goal is to go right back to the beginning and plan work properly. I want to expand my skills and learning, to plan a piece rather than just make it from my thoughts. The above menus will take you my learning log.